Asbestos Roofing

Bromsgrove Roofing offering Commercial and Industrial Asbestos Roofing services across Bromsgrove, Worcestershire.

Bromsgrove Roofing has a significant portfolio and experience of working with asbestos cement based roofing products.

Even to those outside of the roofing and building industry little needs to be said about the hazards associated with asbestos. It is therefore essential to be aware of statutory regulations placed on building owners, occupiers and property managers, with regards to asbestos in buildings.

Chrysotile asbestos cement roofs are often found in industrial buildings and with growing concerns over asbestos, companies are hiring specialist organisations to remove the material safely and quickly.

Fully Trained Contractors

All of our roofers are fully trained on the requirements of working with and around non-licensed chrysotile asbestos. We also train our people to be able to identify the risks associated with licensed asbestos products such as amosite and crocidolite.

We work with an alliance of licensed asbestos removal contractors to ensure any licensed work you require is dealt with professionally and safely, so you can be confident you have a fully qualified team on board.

Asbestos Removal and Encapsulation

Bromsgrove Roofing offers a complete service for the safe removal and treatment of Asbestos cement based roofing products.

Our solutions and service delivery meet HSE Guidelines and offer a system approach that gives the Client confidence that the roofing works are installed to meet their own operational needs inclusive of individual Health and safety requirements.

The options that are generally available when considering an asbestos roof are as follows:

  • Replace
  • Coating
  • Over-roof
  • Repairs
  • Encapsulation

All of the above have different implications regarding costs and performance.

Tax Relief for UK Companies

This might help reduce the cost of essential asbestos remediation works.

As part of the government’s urban regeneration scheme, under the Finance Act 2001, it is possible to claim 150% of the cost of asbestos remediation against your company’s profits as tax relief. For example: if asbestos removal costs £10,000 a company can deduct £15,000 from their taxable income. This also means that if the company made a loss, then they could be eligible for a cash rebate.

This concession only applies to UK registered companies and does not apply if the building or land was owned by the company when the asbestos was originally imported.

Please see Section 70 and schedule 22 of the Finance Act 2001 for more information or ask your company’s accountant or financial advisor for more information on how this might apply to you.

Commercial and Industrial Roofing in BromsgroveIndustrial Roofing by Bromsgrove RoofingCommercial and Industrial Roofing across Bromsgrove

At Bromsgrove Roofing we offer specialist and comprehensive commercial and industrial asbestos roofing.

Bromsgrove Roofing Peace of Mind Service & Guarantee

Bromsgrove Roofing has a professional approach which is always the same: a good job and at the right price, with client satisfaction as our priority.

For your peace of mind, our projects are closely managed and Bromsgrove Roofing work efficiently to deadlines to ensure the minimum of disruption to your business activities.

Bromsgrove Roofing is a professional installer and has thoroughly experienced technicians for all of our key products. You can be assured your investment will be in high quality materials using the correct installation techniques and so designed and guaranteed to last.Our trades’ people are all certified installers and can coordinate with other contractors on-site where required.

Our existing client list is extensive and we are approved and pre qualified installers for many successful businesses and organisations – see ‘About us’ for further details.

Commercial and Industrial Roofing Services

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