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Years of withstanding the UK weather can leave your home exposed to damp, condensation and decay.

But those all – important soffits, fascias, bargeboards, cladding boards, gutters and downpipes are easily forgotten – until something goes wrong!

Fascias are available in a range of styles and colors to suit your property and preference but when it comes to replacing Gutters, fascias and soffits, choosing a good-looking roofline product is only half the story. Expert installation is vital too, in order to protect your home against damp!

Many companies just cover over the rotting existing timber fascia and soffits without actually repairing the underlying problems, this can only hide your problems temporarily. However, Bromsgrove Roofing, has many years experience and can provide a complete replacement service that will protect your property for years and years.

The Advantages of having a uPVC Roofline:

  • Self coloured – you can put an end to all that painting! – (eg. white, light brown, dark brown & wood grain finishes)
  • Durable material
  • Complete approach to a complete finished appearance
  • Exceptional weathering performance
  • Pollution resistant
  • Resistant to vermin and insect attack
  • Colourfast guarantee against warps, cracks, and peeling
  • Transform the appearance of your home at a very reasonable cost


Fascia & Soffit Installation Process

Bromsgrove Roofing, will arrive promptly on the morning of your installation and begin preparation causing minimal disturbance to the customer and neighbouring properties. Here are the main stages….

  1. We carefully remove all existing timber fascia and soffit.
  2. Any remedial work to main timbers is carried out.
  3. End tiles which lead to gutters are removed and any rotten felt is trimmed back.
  4. Only when we have dealt with all the underlying problems, will we move to replace the existing boards with premium gleaming new uPVC Fascias and Soffits.
  5. Install hidden ventilation system & uPVC gutter & downpipe.

Bromsgrove Roofing, will then make finishing touches, quality checks, remove debris and tidy the premises. All debris and old materials will be removed from the property and disposed off correctly.

Finally the hard work results in a totally maintenance free, beautiful new roofline which is fully guaranteed for 10 years!

Comprehensive Gutters Services by Bromsgrove Roofing

Peace of Mind Service

With Bromsgrove Roofing you can be confident that your works will be quickly and efficiently carried out by qualified and highly skilled roofers and the work will be carried out with the minimum of disturbance and inconvenience.

Gutters, Fascias and Soffits Services

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