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Bromsgrove Roofing offering Full Lead Roofing works services across Bromsgrove, Worcestershire.

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Lead sheet, one of the oldest and most durable roofing materials available, proven to last over 100 years if correctly installed and detailed.

When correctly applied, a lead roof can be in place, without repair, for far longer than any other material. Lead roofing has been installed on some of the country’s finest buildings, with an enviable record of performance and longevity.

Lead is still invaluable as weather protection for many traditional British buildings. Even when not used as a roof covering, it can be present as a gutter or flashing, or a bridge at awkward junctions between walls and roofs. Lead roofs and gutters are constructed using sheets of the metal and timber boards. Jointing details allow the sheets to integrate, producing a weatherproof surface.

Lead sheets come in different weights and given code numbers. Code 7, for example, is used for larger sheets on historic roofs. The number indicates the lead is of a thickness to weigh 7lb per square foot and thinner codes 4 or 5 might be used for flashings.

At Bromsgrove Roofing we employ specialist roofers with extensive experience in lead works.

Peace of Mind Service

With Bromsgrove Roofing you can be confident that your works will be quickly and efficiently carried out by qualified and highly skilled roofers and the work will be carried out with the minimum of disturbance and inconvenience.

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